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No Power?

Technology plays an integral part in our lives, so it’s important to think about how to stay safe, connected and engaged if power goes out in the hours or days following a hurricane. Many injuries and accidents occur after a hurricane as residents try to cope without power. Your emergency kit will include items that can help such as batteries, flashlights and a battery-operated radio. Beyond that, it’s helpful to include items to help your family safely pass the time.

No Problem!

If it’s safe to go outside, play games like tag, kickball or click here for rules for games you may not have played before. If you can’t go outside, board games, books or charades can make the time fly by. If you can't imagine going several days, or even hours, without access to the Internet or texting, consider a standby automatic generator. Generators allow you to continue your Life Without Interruption™ by providing you with a reliable power source to keep your home functioning and your family safe. Learn more here.

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