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Short on time? No problem! Get your home ready by following these One Hour, One Day, or One Weekend DIY activities
One Hour activities
Patio and Yard Inventory:
Create a checklist of the items to bring inside during a high-wind event
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One Day activities
Home Insurance Inventory:
Build a home insurance inventory complete with descriptions and photographs of household items; it will be an invaluable resource when filing an insurance claim

Make your landscaping more hurricane resistant

Clear out leaves, debris and check for rust spots, holes or openings

Use suitable caulking and screws so that soffits are fit for hurricane season

Roof Decking Attachment:
Improve your roof’s resistance to uplift by up to three times with the application of premium adhesive or spray foam to the underside of your roof deck
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One Weekend activities
Temporary Emergency Plywood Shutters:
Measure all of the openings that you’ll need to protect with plywood shutters; get your plywood cut accordingly and label for easy installation
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Family Fun activities
Home Hurricane Hunt:
Get the whole family involved in a wind inspection of your home! Gather everyone for a Home Hurricane Hunt. The information you collect will help you determine how well your home will stand up to hurricane-force winds

Community Block Party:
Plan a block party to check out the neighborhood for anything that could pose a risk during a storm. Remember, the wind doesn't care who the garden gnome belongs to; it could end up anywhere. This is also a great time to check on neighbors that may need some additional help getting their homes ready
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Visit for additional information about pre-storm preparation and tips.

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