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A family hurricane emergency plan is key to your overall hurricane preparedness. Your plan will be your family “playbook.” Be sure to review it regularly with the “team” and update it as the “game” changes:

  • Collect copies of papers like the deed to your home, insurance paperwork, financial information, etc.
  • Review your property insurance coverage and keep updated photos and/or a video inventory of your personal belongings
  • Collect phone numbers for your insurance company, doctor, veterinarian and family contacts. Also, store them in your cell phone
  • Identify your evacuation routes. Have an alternate route planned in case the first option is not navigable
  • Identify the safest place in your home to ride out a storm and make sure everyone knows the location
  • Pre-identify a meeting place in case your family is separated when the hurricane hits consider school church or a local library. Make sure everyone knows the address and phone number

Once you have completed your plan:

  • Review it with your family
  • Store it in a safe place
  • Place a duplicate copy outside of the home in a safe deposit box or with a trusted, out-of-town friend or family member

Family needs vary, so once you have identified the essentials, tailor your plan to meet your family’s unique needs. If you have a has a medical issue or will require special help in the event of an evacuation, consult with your local emergency management agency in advance so will you know how to get help when you need it.

Now that you have gathered all necessary items, click here to create your family’s unique emergency plan. For additional help, visit

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